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Absolutely one of the worst malls in Massachusetts, if so even United States. Everyone there is either a 13 year old middle schooler with nothing better to do on a Friday night, than wear Snapback hats, tight pants, and argue about how much their "swag" owns yours. Or filled with Emotional goth kids who smoke weed in the corner of the cafeteria, near shotcakes. The mall itself isn't that bad, it has a variety of good stores, such as: Champs, Apple, Lindt chocolate, Brookstone, etc... but moving along from that, it's the terrible people that fill the mall, who make it a horrible experience. I can also assure that 75% of the girls there all try to meet guys; just to give blowjobs in back of Abercrombie and Fitch, and pass along their Hepatitis C. The cafeteria is also disgusting, all of the "mall food" tastes the same, and it is also really, really, dirty. The most notable thing of this mall is the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop was filmed there, but hey, even that sucked. The lesson that most people have learned is not to shop at this piece of shit, and find a better thing to do then become mall rats.
Guy 1 - "ay yo, nigga, lets go to da Burlington Mall Friday night, and GET CRUNKKKKK!"
Guy 2 - "yo ight, you tryna fuck sum bitchezzZz?"
Guy 1 - "fuck ya, wit dis swag I'm up for shiiii"
Guy 3 - "Are you fucking serious?"

Girl 1 - "hey can I have your number?"
Guy 1 - "um, who the hell are you?"
Girl 1 - "If you buy me those ugg boots, ill let you fuck me!"
Guy 1 - "no, please go away"
Girl 1 - "nigga, you gay!!!"
by Jensen1429 May 19, 2013
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