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Psychiatric condition which causes one to become extremely racist and anti-muslim. The usual trigger of this condition is seeing or hearing about muslims commiting a crime in the sufferers country or hearing about muslims being involved in a terrorist attack. Or they may have this condition just because they "don't like the sight of them darkies" or a muslim short changed them in their local newsagent.

Many burkaphobic families dont work and have about 10 kids who will grow up to be a burden on the state, yet they have a moan about muslims taking their jobs they don't want.

Symptoms include: Brexiting, Voting UKIP BNP or EDL, Trolling web forums with their racist beliefs, Believing Donald Trump is a sane person
Jack got diagnosed burkaphobic when he tried to burn down a mosque.
by Goth Doll July 13, 2016
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