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A phrase originating from the slums of Shaolin used in referring to practically anything. Can be considered a variable for any Noun, Adjective, or Verb. In essence, the one most powerful and versatile word in the English vocabulary.

Tank: Hey did yous hear that new Lil Wayne song, Lollipop?
Cappy: Word son, hes like "told her to back it up like bur bur."
Cookie: Yeah bro that shit is tight, yo pass the bur bur I'm thirsty.
Tank: Damn Cookie, stop being a fucking bur bur and get it yourself.
by FrankieChains May 23, 2008
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A title given to someone, typically a guy, who has a neck of an ostrich, a homosexual haircut, and everybody seems to adore him. A Burbur will typically be seen along with Anthony, Ethan, Hunter, and Tanner, as these 5 travel in packs.
“Hey Anthony, is Burbur here?”
“Yeah, just give him a minute, he’s fixing his hair before we go out.”
by I_am_the_senete January 12, 2018
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