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Bum Yogurt or less commonly used Bum 'Yoghurt' is an Urban phrase which has been used by Gamers across the world to explain the effects of game play which has a true effect on their constitution.

The origins of 'Bum Yogurt' are unsure although its common use between Gamers suggest that it was created by this community from the affects of Horror games. The nature of the game and increased levels of gore and violence have scared the player so much that its has given them 'Bum Yogurt'

A phrase used where the gamer has been so scared that they may have proceeded to defecate themselves through fear. This act of creating 'Bum Yogurt' is testimony to the affect of these games and the modern graphics available today.

Alternatively Bum Yogurt has cropped up as also being a health yogurt drink invented in Sweden and produced by Twinitus Technologies Inc.
That horror game was immense, it gave me instant bum yogurt.
by Ian Heywood April 03, 2008
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