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A Bulmers Brucey Bonus is that extra inch and a half you find in the bottom of your Bulmers bottle when filling your pint glass. (Please note this is only found when you drink your 568ml bottle of Bulmers with Ice in a pint glass)

It is like when you find a pair of old jeans and put your hand in the pocket and find a tenner... or you go to the bar and realise they charged you for singles and you bought doubles. You just cant beat that feeling...

The more you drink the better it feels, because you almost forgot it was even there. It also drives your friends insane with jelousy, because they finished their stale and un refreshing pint 5 minutes ago!!
You have gone to the pub and are drinking Bulmers... You're down to less than half a pint when you decide to empty the dregs from the bottle into your glass... but wait... its not dregs... you're back to three quarters of a pint... That is a Bulmers Brucey Bonus!!
by Victoria Taylor May 13, 2008
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