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An argument made by an arguing party, after repeatedly presenting various claims or points that have been shot down by the other party (possibly citing sources), that has nothing to to do with the discourse, and often insults someone or some thing.

The main difference between this and a red herring or ad hominem is the preceeding claim/disproved process that is essentially ignored.

Named because this is often used by Republicans or Religious people, though it's applicable in any context.
A: Obama's not American!
B: Yes he is, and here's a copy of the birth record.
A: Obama is Hitler!
B: Nope, Hitler's dead, Obama's not, therefore Obama is not Hitler.
A: Obama's as bad as Hitler!
B: Obama has not directly caused the death of 11-17 million people, so no. (Wikipedia link)
A: Obamacare still sucks!
B: That was a bullshit republican argument that has nothing to do with what we just talked about, and I now think less of you for making that point, and less of me for allowing this conversation to go as long as it did before walking away. Good day.
by RekkenSanStopSpewingBS April 17, 2011
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