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A city in the state of Tennessee. Bulls Gap has a population of under 1000. Most people pass through it without knowing. It is a city that is over 99% white by population. There is one redlight and one gas station. If you live in Bulls Gap, you know everyone, and everyone knows you. If you don't know Bulls Gap, you will piss your pants trying to get gas to make it to the next city. There is always at least one mentally disabled old man walking the highway. For some reason, they walk to the gas station. Any female you see will have at least 2 missing teeth and will suck your dick for a crack rock.

Bulls Gap also has a curse on it. Once you reside in Bulls Gap, you will never reside anywhere else.
Person 1: Let's go to Bulls Gap!

Person 2: Where's that?

Person 1: Oh shit, we just drove through it.
by Iceguy June 20, 2011
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