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A Stupid and annoying crowd of dip-shits whom crowd around a Bugatti veyron upon seeing one, It dose not matter where you are, what time it is or if you have to do something, these people will box you in until you give them some answers and if you let them take a picture inside the car, it is always good to keep your windows rolled up, because these people just might pull you out and steal the car. These people also follow you for miles on end, up until there gas tanks are empty and then will precede to follow you on foot despite the fact you are miles ahead, dont let them follow you home because then they can box you in there, it is always good to keep a shot gun ready.

*Example 1*
Fag 1: Holy cow! its a Bugatti veyron! *runs up to car Foaming at mouth*

Driver: Oh no you don't *pulls out shotgun and shoots the rabid fag*

*Example 2*
Fag's: *Chatting*

Bugatti: *pulls up, sputtering exhaust*

Fag's: Oh meh god! Take Pictures!

*driver pulls away before that can even happen*

*Example 3*
Bob and his fag's: Hey follow that Bugatti home and box him in! *follows home*

Chuck Norris: *Gets out of car And looks at them, Angerly*

Bob and his fag's: *car blows up and they all die*

*Example 4*
Fag: *Runs up to Bugatti at stop light and grabs the door*

Bugatti: *Pulls away, while the fag is still holding on*
Chuck Norris Bugatti Veyron Fag Shotgun W16 Bugatti Fag's
by RuNnInGFr0mHaTeRs October 03, 2010
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