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A relatively boring city with very few attractions. The weather is very bipolar and crappy, so make sure you bring your coat everywhere. The only common attraction here is the Mall of Georgia that is THE Mall of Georgia. Greeeeat, right?
Person #1 residing in Buford, GA: Hey man, let's do something fun tonight.
Person #2 residing in Buford: Dude, we live in Buford -.-
Person #1 residing in Buford: Oh, right... Forgot... Again...
by Margaritaaa April 23, 2011
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A Town so Uninteresting and Boring, Even Kmart and Kroger Pulled out.

They Have 2 Malls, One Popular and the other a Literal fucking Empty Corridor in the Middle of a Tiny Ass Shopping Center that only gets Traffic because of Aaron's, McDonalds and KFC.
Person 1: Hey Wanna do anything Tonight
Person 2: We Could.... shit i forgot we lived in Buford, GA
Person 1: oh right.
by GameShibe September 12, 2018
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