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The ideal hometown. Great place to grow up, and go to school. The community aspect of Buffalo High School is unbeatable. The pride we have makes our fans the best in the state, no matter the sport. Small town feeling, big city opportunities. Friday and saturday nights at a bonfire or a house/shed party are far better than the typical town. Buffalo kids just know how to throw down, and if nothing is going on, its easy to get together with the bros to create some trouble, and some stories to tell. Theres a few wangsters, and stuck-ups but for the most part everyone is family and just there to have a good time. No place better. All about that country music, a bonfire and a case of coors.
Can't wait to get back to Buffalo, MN to get together with the gang and rage our faces off.

Wish I grew up in Buffalo, MN, they know how to have a good time.
by Always a Bison November 28, 2012
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