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Meeting/hooking-up with girls when one’s financial state is severely strained. There are many ways to undertake budget pimping, but essentially any act of being a cheapskate in the context of trying to get ass would classify as budget pimping; i.e. scrupulously searching for name-brand clothes at thrift stores, purchasing cologne knock-offs at mini marts, sneaking tiny liquor bottles into bars to mix your own drinks in the bathroom, pawning the necklace your grandmother gave you in order to obtain some cash and look like a player, lying about your (or the existence of a) career, etc. Budget pimping takes many forms but is fundamentally seeing the value in a dollar, and turning that dollar into a blow job.
(When pimp cover is broken and girl finds out you're a loser)

"What the fuck! I thought you had a car and a nice job!"

"Cut me some slack, bitch. I'm budget pimping."
by NaturalFeatures March 02, 2009
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