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Bucks County Community College is in Pennsylvania, USA. More specifically, bucks county homies can attend 3 locations- main campus, lower campus & upper campus. You should go there if u live in bucks county and are refused financial aid by corrupt banks.Roughly 9,000 students go there. Transfer students usually go to Temple univ (land of the red owls), psu (land of Sandusky)or del valley (not in effin Delaware) after finishing bucks credits. Lots of Bucks' college income comes from its chill cafeteria with great pizza. School district you live in mostly decides your campus . Main campus is bigger than ben hur. Lower campus is also an option, even though it's in a borderline ghetto area. Upper campus is near so many damn farms.
Now the student life. Basketball, soccer, baseball, horseriding (yes, bccc thinks it's a sport), golf, tennis & volleyball (great butts) are played by student athletes here. Sadly we don't have football or cheerleaders :( . Fraternities & sororities don't exist. There is no diabolical frat guy, wearing a mask who thinks he leads a mindless cult.

People from all walks of life attend. Rednecks, tree huggers, weightlifters, wimps, Chinese, French, Muslims, Christians, redheads, blondes etc attend this school. International students attend bucks, so you'll hear funny accents. A great twitter (social media site) account called @BCCCcompliments compliments students. This is one of the better ways to use twitter. We at Bucks are tightly knit.
Bucks County Community College is dope and helps grow careers.
by Fabulous Max January 13, 2015
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