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The Buckingham Effect in its simplest form is a trance like state that a person experiences while listening to Lindsey Buckingham. Its similar in a way to hypnosis. The typical symptoms are uncontrolled states of dancing (strutting) and singing along to many of the catchy tracks of Lindseys discography.

The most notible tracks to induce this state of consciousness are Trouble, Don't Look Down and I Want You.

Unfortunately there are no cures for the Buckingham Effect, and in 95% of cases a person who is subjected to Lindseys work become addicted. This addiction tends to have a knock on effect and creates conflict in ones personal life and work.
Laura: Hey Kelly, the other day Paul played me this song called 'Countdown' by Lindsey Buckingham it was amazing! I learnt the words already and i've only heard the song once.

Kelly: My advice is go to see a doctor. Those are symptoms of The buckingham Effect! Ennit!
by Paul_Clark May 12, 2008
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