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The act of running naked after losing by 6 cups in the game of beer pong. If the other team has six cups left (during a game of ten cup, or if you suck and lose by 6 in 6 cup) and they sink your last cup you must run naked either around the facility you are drinking in or along an allotted course set by your opponents.

Redemption Rule: if you have one cup left and the opponents sink only one ball you may shoot for redemption, if you sink it you may keep shooting untill you miss or get under 6 cups which at that time means you still lose but you don't run BUCK CHEESE. if you miss a shot before you go under 6, you run buck cheese.
Tim: "If I make this shot you have to run Buck Cheese!"

(crowd gathers)
(Tim Makes The Shot)

by broingloid September 05, 2009
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