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With out any doubt whatsoever, the corniest television show ever created. About a foot ball player who became an astroanut in the year 1980, froze himself than became an astronaut again in 2384. The show is known the world over for it's use of cheap 70s technology to poorly portray life in the future (ooh florescant light bulbs, how cutting edge!) and it incessantly exploited little people.
Annie: So....*takes a drag on ciggarette, then coughs* ever been with an older gal before?
Me: No. . .
Annie: *rubs some Vaseline in her cornhole then gets on all fours*
Me: slides dick into her bung and glances over her chubby body at the TV screen
TV: Buck is transported in ice to the amazing century 24! Do doo do DO! And here's "Tiggie" a transvestite-midget in a chrome robot costume.
Me: *dick goes limp* Dude, turn this shit off......
by Joeber April 28, 2005
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