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Buck Fosh is an pg-rated way of saying FUCK BOSH, mostly used by Toronto Raptors fans also used by those who don't support the Miami Heat or Chris Bosh. The F and the B from Fuck Bosh are switched so it says Buck Fosh.
Why is Bosh hated by Raptor fans and other fans? cause he's an attention whore!
Bosh is now with the Miami CHeat, playing as the third wheel :) he was never a franchise player and he's really soft, oh yeah his FLOPS are so obvious. He's the Ru Paul of big men.
ESPN on TV: Chris Bosh will join the Miami Cheat
Raptors fan: yaayy he's gonee waitt the heat? wait what are we gonna get back?
Chris Bosh interviewed: I feltt like i was a wolf in a cagee andd like i need attention you know? cause in Toronto you cant get attention !
Raptors fan: Vince carter?
Chris Bosh Interviewed: Im an anttention whore
ESPN report: Raptors will get miami heats protected first round pick and thier own pick back
Raptors fan: man FUCK BOSH we got nothing from this :(
Raptors fan's mom: heyy watch your language!!
Raptors fan: sorry mom :( fine....Buck Fosh!!! :)
Raptors fan's mom: Buck Fosh?
Raptors fan: yup Buck Fosh :)
by vinthulawhauwh April 01, 2011
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