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A secluded street in unincorporated north St. Louis county, official name is Carrico Road.
Urban legend states something to the effect that years ago, people settled near the end of the road. Through years of inbreeding, the descendants of the original settlers developed hydrocephaly, or "Water on the Brain," which caused their heads to be oversized, hence the term "bubblehead."
This is a relatively famous urban legend in NoCo St. Louis, with many residents convinced of some truth behind it. Indeed, when you drive to the end of the road there and several "No Tresspassing" signs. I mean, A LOT of signs. I've heard of many people getting chased off at night by unseen figures in the woods.
Mainly, it was just fun to take chicks down there and tease them about the Bubbleheads.
Bubblehead Road is one of the creepiest places I've ever been.
by Agent 138 August 30, 2006
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In North County or NoCo St. Louis at the end of Carrico Rd. which is known as Bubblehead Road lives a family who took experimently drugs which caused there heads to swell and other extrmeties become deformed. They were paid of and given property/ land to live on off Carrico Rd. from the drug company. At the end of this road there is a lot of No Trespassing signs and usually is constantly partolled by police.
Bubblehead Road creepy road in St. Louis
by Em Noble February 25, 2008
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Bubble Head Road is BS! Doesn't exist!

Normal, everyday, hardworking, taxpaying, voting citizens live there. They have been woken from sound sleep, shot at, windows shot out, vandalized with spray paint, egged, bottles thrown at, nothing but harassed!!
Where did you get your information on Bubble Head Road?
Leave these people alone!!!
by Fed-up "Bubble Head"! July 04, 2009
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