Bubble Gum Boy: Is a colloquial term among black men referring exclusively to young white "males" who are, or would become submissive to black cock under pressure from a black man, or men. Bubble Gum mostly being pink in color, is much like the under-tone color of these white boys; hence being one reason for the term. But, bubble gum is also good for blowing (ie. sucking dick), its fun to pop (taking anal virginity), its fun to stretch out (no further explanation needed), its soft (like a white boy), and its meant to be chewed up, and then spit it out when finished with it.

Bubble Gum Boys are essentially just another type of white girl to black men. They are basically, a white bitch with a 'slightly' overgrown clitoris (as white boys have very small penis' by comparison). Bubble Gum Boys are talked to, hit on, treated as, and fucked like white girls... by black men. Bubble Gum Boys suck black dick, and get fucked in the ass by black men... NEVER the other way around! They, must ONLY sumbit sexually to black men. And, they are ethically and morally required to take on ANY and ALL female roles to ANY Black man who desires their service.

Bubble Gum Boys have no real distinction to black men, apart from white girls, other than the trivial matter of their external ovaries with they believe are actually testicles, and their 'slightly' over growns white clits, that they humourously believe to be a penis.
- 1st Example

Shamar: What up bubble gum? I been noticing dat ass you been rockin' lately. You know I always wanted to break you... with that lily white skin, pouty pink lips, fat ass, and I wunna see dem long legs u got wrapped round a nigga... taking dick!

David: Shamar... please let me go! Stop grabbing my butt! I already told you I'm not a Bubble Gum Boy! I have a girlfreind!

Shamar: Yea, and she could get it too bitch! Why you bringin' her up? You want her to watch you gettin fucked?

David: Stop taking my clothes off Shamar! I mean it! You took all my clothes off, stop touching my naked skin! Get your finger out of there! Unnnghhhh!!! I... I... I mean, I... I mean it Shamar...UNNNNgggHHH!!! Your dick is SO BIG!!! AHHHHH!!!! You... YOU.... YOU fuck me sooo gooood!!! Oh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!! Ungghhh!!!

2nd Example

Mom: Chad, you've been out past your curfew, I been seeing interracial porn on your computer, I found pink panties in your underwear drawer, and you always smell like used condoms! Are you a Bubble Gum Boy!

Chad: Mom don't be like that! Of course I'm a Bubble Gum Boy mom! All the white kids at school have been turned out! Get with the times!

Mom: CHAD! What would your father say???

Chad: He'd probably want me to introduce him the the football team! They've got BIG BLACK COCKS and they beat that butt-pussy up right! He's a Bubble gum boy too!!
by Black Man's Definitions February 10, 2012
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