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A "Bubba Tard" is defined by an uneducated idiot that usually resides in small towns throughout America.

They can be easily identified by there apparent fear of Obama and a certainty of government conspiracies. They also have a strong odor of ass and armpit, and have invested a life savings in tattoos.

They are prominently Caucasian, but this isn't a limiting factor. Their likes are, raised trucks, T top camaros, pit bulls, and Duck Dynasty.

The Bubba Tard is usually harmless, but there has been events of senseless violence recorded, such events are usually limited to domestic issues. (wife beating)

The Bubba Tard also has a compulsive fascination with guns, usually assault weapons of some sort which He/She uses to kill innocent animals for sport.

The Bubba Tard condition can usually be cured by an education at an accredited institution, this does not include trade schools of any kind. It is important to remember that not all Bubba Tards can be cured, some are just terminally stupid.
Man in Walmart, "Did you know congress is trying to take away all your rights!"

Other Man in Walmart, "You Sir are a F**KEN Bubba Tard, now get away from me, YOU STINK AND I'M GOING TO PUKE"
by pescadore December 29, 2013
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