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A scammer who doesn't uphold their end of the agreement and always makes up some weird excuses and wants you to believe them.
Random Person: you broke our deal, you're such a BuFeelin.
Another Person: don't call me a scammer! my dog ate the deal, it's the truth.
by BuWP February 02, 2021
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Solarpunk is a movement focused on a positive, ecological vision for a future where technology is used for human-centric and ecocentric purposes. It is a literary, artistic and aesthetic sub-genre and is also closely tied to eco-political activism. Solarpunk narratives have a distinctly positive and utopian foundation in contrast to the often dystopian visions found within other "punk" science fiction genres.
Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
by wix99 September 20, 2016
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