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The nephew of the late great Ayrton Senna da Silva.
Thing with Bruno is you either love him or you hate him: you love him because he's Ayrton's nephew and Ayrton himself once said, talking about Bruno, and I quote, "You think I can drive, you should see my nephew Bruno." And you hate him because he got into F1 because of the name Senna and that he also brings in money to drive in F1, because that's who F1 "fans" seem to like to rip on are the pay-drivers, or the drivers who have to pay their way in just to drive a car.
F1 "fan": "Bruno Senna? Oh, come on... he only got in because of the name 'Senna' and he brought money, too."
Me: "I can assure you pay-drivers are nothing new. And Ayrton himself assured us that Bruno can drive the wheels off of a car!"
by MlleRCCola February 03, 2012
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