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Where a guy wraps his cock with a woman's gunt and proceeds to saw back and forth like he's punching with his cock while randomly shouting "hai yah!" and saying formulaic Kung Fu movie lines like "You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin Temple." These lines are said while he is moving his mouth in a disjointed pattern from the words being said.

Right when he's shooting his load, he has to let out one last "hai Yaah!" then he reaches over and pulls out a fist full of her chest/nipple/pussy/wort/upper lip hair and blow it in her face like Bruce Lee did to Chuck Norris in the movie "Way of the Dragon"
Last night was my turn to be wing man, so I had to Bruce Lee Gunt Punch Agnes the troll while Bill was scoring with Kelly the hottie
by Camphophenique July 26, 2011
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