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The action of Macaulay Culkin placing cocaine on his butt hole and sucking in, accompanied by a loud screeching sound. If said Macaulay Culkin uses a straw to inhale cocaine the action is called a dixie whistle
I seen Macaulay Culkin at his Halloween party doing a brown'p. He slapped his butt cheeks like he was in the "home alone" movies.
by BBlogan Brown'p November 25, 2010
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A person who wears a newsie hat (that nobody has seen off there head) and smoke a Vape. Anyone who speaks with said BrownP knows whatever comes out of their mouth is shit. Usually a small town Local film Director that film crew despises. Also know as a major fuck up. Also can be used as a verb.
Wow dude! You really BrownP up! BrownP
by Arriman32 November 03, 2017
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