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1. (n.) The act of two men joining in Broly matrimony, or, becoming very good new friends through getting totally shitcabined and making clouded decisions.

2 (n.) An unorganized, wild, messy territory, formerly attached to Russia, a site to which men make pilgrimage to for the purpose of bro-ing it up, more specifically getting drunk, partying, and engaging in risky feats of sport/sex with native women. A main exporter of dirtbikes, lacrosse equipment, Stoli ("Broli"), and rubbers
1. John-Henry : "Bro!!!! Did we just affirm the vows of our Broviet Union?

Lucas: "You know it Broseph! Now there's only one thing to do"

John-Henry: "Bro it UUUUUPPPPPP! Lets brotorboat these she-bro's!"

2. John-Henry: "Bro! Where where you last night, we had such a great time"

Lucas: "Sorry JH, I had to pick up my uncle Vlad at the airport, he just got in from the Broviet Union! He's such a bro, he needs to use scientific notation to write his sperm count!"
by Ben Dustman November 17, 2010
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