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1. The static discharge you get from too many polo shirts rubbing together in a frat house.

2. Energy generated to power tanning beds, blow dryers, and other things men shouldn't use.

3. The tingling feeling lacrosstitutes get between their legs whenever they approach a guy wearing greek letters.
1. I was standing around at the kegger, fist pumping with my bros, when we all got shocked by the buildup of brotovoltaic energy in the room.

2. Clint's tanning bed runs the meter super fast, that guido fuck should get a brotovoltaic generator for that piece of shit.

3. I put on a vibrating cock-ring yesterday to fuck that lax-girl and by the end, her pussy was quivering with brotovoltaic energy.
by Hired Sellout April 19, 2010
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