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A phrase to remind long time close friends that friends come before MMO's (Massively multiplayer online games). The phrase is commonly used amongst gamers who have friends who may choose to play an MMO game rather than hang with their friends.
Friend 1 - Sunday is MW2 day this week?
Friend 2 - Yeah should be
Friend 3 - Sounds good to me
Friend 4 - If evening, then yeah
Friend 1 - It'll be around 4 or 5
Friend 4 - You said 6:30! I got 5v5 at 3:30
Friend 2 - Bros before MMOs dude
Friend 1 - No you said 6:30 later, check the time between updates, 6:30 now
Friend 4 - Checking Xfire times, 45 minutes ago you said Hoe1 was around at 4/5. It wasn't until 15 minutes later when that changed. So the time you posted must have been wrong
Friend 1 - Yamyamyamyamyamyamyamyamyam
Friend 4 - I say, Dr Watson
Friend 2 - Bro's before Hoe's
And now a newer version!
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by Friend 2 of this example September 05, 2010
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