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Brooke Dewhurst is a term used commonly to describe hoes. They are found to indulge in snake like behaviour, along with a multitude of other disturbing behaviour such as cheating, throwing items at innocents, insulting their superiors, and tend to consider themselves peasants. In conjunction with this word you can use Cameron Bach (Or Cumeron), as they are considered the Snake and Cockatoo's of this world, and are to be avoided at ALL costs. Extermination of them have begun in the 21st century, known as "The Hoe Buster's".
Cameron: "Wow, I'm just such an atomic blonde I can't even function. Brooke, how come everyone hates us?"
Brooke Dewhurst: "Because we're literally too petty and worthless to function"
Eleftheria: "Omg, who let their cage open? Someone needs to put these 2 feral beings down."
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by ApplelelLolonya May 23, 2019
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