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The "fight club" started by Bronx Science students, presumably for fun, that got stupidly busted. Parents freaked out and acted like the school had a massive gang presence or crime scene, when in reality, it was a bunch of kids who didn't even fight but just pushed each other, threw a couple punches (that didn't even really do much damage), and tackled each other (a bit). It in no way was like the movie, Fight Club, that gave the group its name. Despite the school taking responsibility for the persecution of the club (and later the NYPD), the fights took place on PUBLIC PROPERTY, meaning the school didn't have the full obligation to follow through on the club. It was discovered via posts onto social media of fights, which, as anyone who watched the movie knows, breaks the most important rule of fight club: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB. Later on, there were requests for such media for evidence, AND IT WAS SENT. This kind of egotistical stupidity due to insecurities about one's own "bravado" epitomizes white, urban, male culture (not necessarily suggesting all the members of the club were white).

Point is, if you're gonna do something like this, at least be real about it.
"Hey, did ya hear about the Bronx Science Fight Club? I heard a kid got arrested, and they weren't even fighting!"

"Yeah man, schools, the government, and parents are way too neurotic, nowadays; the kids were being dumb about it, though, so I'm not really sympathizing."
by JayBlack October 30, 2016
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