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broh-kuhn beet Noun, Verb, Adjective

(Used mainly for categorization and/or to specify a group of musical genres as a whole)

– Verb
1. Past participle of breaks and/or break-beat.

– Adjective
1. to reduce music to fragments; fragmented samples.
2. ruptured; torn; not smooth; rough or irregular; fractured measures in music and/or song repetitively.
3. sound not functioning properly; out of working/playing order.
4. disrupted, sliced, and/or disconnected vigorously throughout playing.

- Noun
1. A term used to describe broken period within a unspecified time measured in music.
2. A specific categorization of a type of music and/or genre(s) of music
3. What takes place after slicing, disrupting, "glitching" and/or cutting up music, song and/or track.
She still djs that broken beat.

I'm digging the dj, those broken beats are wicked.

Cant wait to dance my pants off to those broken beats.

You'll never here trance music at a broken beats event.

That new track i made yesterday was some of the best broken beat i have ever heard.
by the Junglist March 14, 2011
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