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Like the infamous Alabama Hot Pocket, the Brokeback Hot Pocket is performed when one sexual partner defecates in the other's anus and proceeds in performing anal intercourse. The Brokeback Hot Pocket is not exclusively a homoerotic act, but may be associated with sodomy by the uninformed. This act is more intimate than the Alabama Hot Pocket in that the respective parties share their fecal material. Their past meals act as lubricant, facilitating their steamy unity.
Ex. 1
Howard: (Mid Coitus) This isn't working, do you have any K-Y Jelly?

Vince: Why don't you just give me a Brokeback Hot Pocket?

Ex. 2
Ronald: Why is Sheila giving off that offensive odor this fine morning?

Gertrude: I hear Theodore gave her a Brokeback Hot Pocket last night.
by Michalube September 02, 2008
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