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That one broke motherfucker who brags about how much money they have when they don't have nun.
Kaykay: Damn Hoodiesha! Look at those Jays!
Hoodiesha: Ha those are nice as fuck. But I need my jays to cost even more.
Kaykay: The fuck you mean they $390?
Hoodiesha: So. My parents got me this credit card and there's already $30,000 on it unlike yours.
Kaykay: Bitch you ain't slick. You tried to pay for our food at the food cort today but you couldn't even afford to pay for our 20$ food bitch.
Hoodiesha: * makes a face then turns around *
Kaykay: You bes turn around you damn broke bragger.
by KayIsJustAPhase January 07, 2015
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