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Located in Broad Ripple village on the North Side of Indiana, Broad Ripple (Magnet) High School is home to some of the most terrifying, awkward, strange children you will ever chance to encounter.

Broad Ripple is a sanctuary for homosexuals, nerds, freaks and people that don't fit in at any other school. Everyday you can walk into the decorated black and orange hallways and buy magical lazy brownies, ecstasy, hot fries and drinks, yum! This is the type of school where you have to seriously build a lot of courage before the rowdy kids break into your stall screaming, "aye he is taking a shit!!!!" Throughout the hallways and stairwells you will encounter New York sized mice and roaches. Broad Ripple is home to the rockets! It represents a gigantic male genitalia! Students walk around the hall's screaming "Yeet!" and "This Bitch Empty!" whilst throwing water bottles or cans of soda, fun!

Broad Ripple is home to the cool kids from the arts, music, choir, and theater. Humanities and media magnet are the punk ass kids that nobody pays attention to and nobody cares about.

"How is Broad Ripple Magnet HighSchool!?"
"LOL we shutting down!"
by Banana Slammers May 09, 2018
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