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One bro is telling another bro about something that was extremely chill. After this, they begin to lax. For non-laxbros, they can reiterate this action through the phrase Bro So Chill Lets Lax without having to whip out their lax sticks.
Bro 1 - "Bro, I did the chillest thing ever."
Bro 2 - "No way bro! What went down?"
Bro 1 - "So I was fucking this chick when her boyfriend walked in and I was like 'shit.' but then he was like, 'Bro, its chill.' and pulled out some Nattys and joined in."
Bro 2 - "Bro So Chill Lets Lax."

They then proceed to pull out their lax sticks and lax.
by I Dont Lax November 09, 2011
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