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Pewdiepie subscribers who are bashed upon for being immature even though only about 30% of them are, the other 70% are thrown in with the minority trash. Bros as they are called, are generally fed up people who are tired of being assumed they are all like this.
Pewdie hater: Pewdiepie is a joke, he gets money for playing games which other companies actually put hard time and work into!
Immature Bro Army member: Hah! Ur gay and a barrel!
Mature Bro Army member: Yeah but I'm sure those companies' player bases and consumer base is growing because of that, and they aren't paying Pewdie either, Youtube is, which means free advertisement for them in the millions! Unless you are SEGA, I don't think you would want to turn that down.
by A mature sir December 16, 2013
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PewDiePie fans that respond to any criticism with racial slurs, insults and anger in the name of defending their one true love. They aren't intelligent enough to articulate an insult that's actually offensive.
Person 1: I don't care for PewDiePie. I think he earns a disproportionate amount of money compared to the minimum effort he puts in.
Person 2: OMG!!1 ur just a HATER!!!1!! i'm gonna rape u with teh BARR3LZ!!!oneeleven11!!
Person 1: I laugh at you.
Person 2: u little BICHT I.... kill you!!! i find were u live!!!!1 bro army cumming 2 get u bitch!!!!!
by Applesaregreatapplesareawesome November 11, 2013
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