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shes a beautiful girl. shes understanding and judges no one. shes wonderful, caring, lovable, and amazing. she can put a smile on your face no matter how youre feeling. shes funny and outgoing. very flirty. she tends to overreact on some things, but she can steal your heart in just one conversation. shes the type of girl you cant get enough of. once shes in your life, youll never want her to leave. her eyes are gorgeous and her smile can make a guy's heart melt. shes anything and everything someone could ask for. the sweetest girl youll ever meet. so close to perfect, she is a dream, a miracle, shes my most prized possession and i love her with all my heart.
Brittany Abney is the most amazingest, perfectest girl in the whole world! :)
by thiskidrightherethatulove23 November 26, 2011
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