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the act of enthusiastic cannabis intake. This can be done several ways, the most common, however, is done through a bong. Some may personally nickname their bong in order to make reference publically to the act of getting Brittany'd without making it obvious to the public. For example, "Let's hit up Uzi tonight." This is done despite what the majority of society may see as negative consequences associated with the drug use.

There have been reports of uncontrollable laughter as well as the inability to speak. Laughing to tears is possible when paying attention to deep, meaningless conversation and humor. Extreme snacking, known as "the munchies" have also been noticed. Foods that are not normally desirable, such as a PB&J with cheese, suddenly become sensible.

You get so high, as an improv to what Snoop Dogg would say...

"And a fat ass bong, of some bubonic chronic that made me choke,

Shit, this ain't no joke...

I had to back up off of it and sit my cup down,

Captain and chronic, yeah I'm fucked up now."
"Damn, I got so Brittany'd I couldn't even holla at that phat ass I saw walking down the street last night."
by The Originator of Brittany'd February 04, 2010
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