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It’s when you analyze your shit from A to Z and you realize that it contains different matter states with all the different Bristol stool chart numbers. There should be 7 different states of fecal matter in the toilet, going from liquid and watery to very solid and concentrated.

Usually, what happens is that you ate in a Chinese Buffet the day before you take the dump. There are so many varieties of food in these places that your body sorts them in terms of solidness, going from the egg roll sauce to the chinese onion rings’ crust.

If this ever happens to you, go see a doctor immediately. The Bristol Rainbow a very rare case, but when it’s there, it stays for a long time.
Rod : Doctor, about the sample of crap you asked me to give you last week...
Doctor O’Brien : Yes?
Rod : Well, which part do you want the most? There’s the liquid part, the soft part, the solid p...
Doctor O’Brien : Oh my God... Rod, you did a Bristol Rainbow ! Congratulations!
Rod : So, this is a good thing?
Doctor O’Brien : Actually, I was being sarcastic. Be prepared to pay the price for your prescription...
by Mister Soft Moustache January 21, 2011
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