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An epic shitty school in Bristol, Illinois. The water fountains taste like period blood. The ground itself looks like some big ass walrus took a dump everywhere. The gym is also a cafeteria where it is the size of your average bathroom. People like to throw rocks in the toilets or shit on the walls. The teachers look like meth addicts and cry very easily. There is probably 40 billion bugs in the ventilation system. The play grounds had about 50 bee hives and kids would get raped by bees. the slides were made of fucking sheet metal and wood. It's for pre-schoolers through 4th grade. They have a machine to get cripples up the stairs and it has broken and made the cripples more crippled. The library is full of shit books from the 1800's and is located in the basement.
Bristol Grade School sucks ass dude

I know!!!
by AZN_Sn1p3z April 23, 2010
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