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A form of enouragement to a person or entity (team, group, ect.) to bring the best they have to offer against an opponent.
1. You're in the stands with 10 seconds left in 4th quarter of a football game, your team is up 2 points and currently 4th and goal, you yell "Bring the pain!"

2. You're playing Halo online, 1 minute left, your team needs 4 more kills to win, you say " let's bring the pain, guys"
by coolguy787 September 12, 2009
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This is a term generally used to refer to getting revenge on a past girlfriends by sneaking into her bedroom and sticking a mother fucking shovel up her vagina, the whole fucking shovel, handle, blade, everything up her vagina
That bitch was cheating on me so tomorrow night I'm gonna bring the pain
by Mrs. Fucking mcgrath March 18, 2016
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