Brier Hill is a neighborhood in Youngstown, Ohio, that was once viewed as the city's "Little Italy" district. The neighborhood, which was the site of the city's first Italian settlement, stretches along the western edge of Youngstown's lower north side.

The neighborhood was the birthplace of "Brier Hill pizza", a homestyle treat with origins in the Basilicata region of Italy. Brier Hill pizza is prepared with a generous amount of thick "Sunday sauce", bell peppers and romano cheese, as opposed to the more typical mozzarella. It is one of several dishes the area prides itself upon, in much the same way New Yorkers value their distinctive thin-crusted New York-style pizza.
Rachel: "Hey guys, wanna go down to 'the av' (avalon gardens one of Youngstown bar's) and get some briar hill (briar hill pizza, of course)??"

Nick: "Hell yeah!"
by thehotnerd November 8, 2011
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