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The girlfriend of amazing child actor Jack Dylan Grazer. Also rumored to have dated Jaeden Lieberher and Noah Schnapp.
Ellie: I sure wish I was Briana Howard so I could still have Jack Dylan Grazer.
Millie: I know Briana's so nice though, she deserves him! Briana just gets too Jacked Up sometimes.
Ellie: I mean we all know Briana is the hot new thing, everyone loves her!
Millie: I know she's even dated Noah Schnapp and Jaeden Lieberher. Also she's Finn Wolfhard's best friend but we all know he's dating Sheala Blummert. Briana's for sure my idol. I mean have you ever looked up the meaning of the name Briana in the Urban dictionary.

Ellie: Yeah that's how we know for sure she's a Briana!
Millie: Shhhhhh! I'm trying to watch the latest Edition of Briana Howard!
by Briana Grazer June 17, 2018
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She seems nice at first then she will get clingy and obnoxious then after awhile you will get used to it but then she will stab you in the back so watch out for Briana Howard
Girl 1: omg Briana Howard is so annoying and she's just a cringey fan girl
Girl 2: I know right?? She needs to stop being so rude!
Girl 1: did you know she was going to California until next tuesday because I sure didn't?!
Girl 2: no and I'm pretty sure we had plans... Let's just stay far away from that little jerk
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by Sought After Sheala💋💋 November 10, 2018
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