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A youtuber from Missouri who was one of the founding fathers of the youtube atheist community who was very popular in his day during the start of youtube around 2006, but then fell from grace and had his original channel taken down through acts of doc dropping, plagiarism, false DMCAs, flase flagging, fabricating evidence to accuse people of acts such as attacking his family, and scams. After making an e-begging video asking for money to solve his supposed eviction from his home (almost certainly also a scam) he became a Christian because Christians donated the most money to him.

Throughout the years he's gone back and forth many times on his religious stances, going through likely hundreds of frequently terminated youtube accounts. He is best known today for being an object of mockery by his former friends TheAmazingAtheist and PaulsEgo on their podcast The Drunken Peasants.
DP fan: Hey dude, did you see Paul fucking rip the manatee a new asshole last show?

Other DP fan: Yeah man! I bet Brett Keane is beating Dorn right now out of pure rage!
by MuslimGoku July 16, 2016
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