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Breantaye is an amazing lad. He’s full of personality and the kindest, most caring person you will ever meet. With him comes success and a sense of aspiration. Breantaye’ tend to be fucking sexy and hilarious. Their eyes are beautiful and full of mystery. They tend to have luscious and voluptuous lips which are perfect for consuming their favourite food, blueberry muffins (and kebabs, not together ew). Breantaye’s always have a great sense of style and are never caught lacking or not stepping fresh. If they ain’t stepping fresh, they ain’t stepping at all. Breantaye is a kind soul who desveres the world in return for their pure talent and charisma. Breantayes revolve around the happiness of their peers and strive to make their loved ones happy and feel complete. They put everyone else before themselves without hesitation because they are a kind soul. People aspire to be like a Breantaye. They are one of the coolest SOBs you will ever meet and if you don’t know a Breantaye, you should get to know one because this amazing person will change your life for the better. Honestly I’m so glad I met Breantaye, he changed my life and I’m now a better and more successful person
Me: hey Breantaye
Breantaye: shut up and take my money 🤤
by Barry Scott 20202 March 14, 2019
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