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Commenting about facebook on facebook, or when a group of people are having a discussion in a comment thread, and someone comments with, "This is the best/worst comment thread!"

Interrupting the flow of conversation and your suspension of disbelief that you actually have a social life.
Dickwad Dave: Fuck yea, I made waffles this morning. And took a picture.

Cunt Julia: Hope you enjoy your waffles Dave, as they're the last ones you get to eat without knowing you have HIV. Oh by the way, about last night, I HAVE HIV.
You and 127 like this.

Dickwad Dave: Jokes on you Cunt, I wore a condom! Now they're righteous waffles.

Cunt Julia: You drunk slobbering fuck, you tried to wear a magnum condom on your midget dick and just ended up stuffing the condom up into my twat like god damn canon packing.

Dickwad Dave: Fuck you whore! Why'd you let me fuck if you're an infested skank!

Cunt Julia: Me being half passed out in the guest bedroom does not count as "Let you fuck" you god damn rapist.

Worthless William: Best comment thread ever

Urban Dick: Fuck Bill, stop breaking the facebook wall. I was enjoyin' this fuckin show
by Ticktok December 28, 2012
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