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Something that can only be done by true love, love that is pure, innocent, limitless and eternal. What you read about in many fairy tales but occurs in real life also. A curse/spell occurs when others who are very selfish, discontent, and disturbed are driven by jealousy and envy of someone they wish to be like or with performs cast a spell or through evil thoughts/wishes emit negative energy aimed at destroying the victim and their happiness, usually accompanied by wicked/malicious actions toward the victim. Victims usually radiate beauty, love, joy, peace, cheerfulness, magic, light, all that is good and pure. Victims are usually very kind, caring, helpful, gentle, merciful, compassionate, understanding, patient, tolerant, considerate, forgiving, indiscriminate, friendly, affectionate, humble, pure and innocent but often naive. They know themselves, what they want, how to be happy and love deeply. They are often very gifted, intelligent, beautiful, talented and romantic with a connection to the Divine/Universe. A victim under a curse/spell will come across as being flawed in some way. When the victim's true love appears in their life they will see them for who they really are and recognize that they are under a curse/spell and being just like them will never give up but will fight to overcome all evil and all obstacles loving the victim without condition, overlooking their flaws, forgiving their mistakes, thereby setting them free and breaking the curse/spell.
Sadeaky: You should stay away from him, he is an unlucky guy with nothing to his name.

Ana: No he is under a curse/spell from those who are jealous and envious of him and do not wish to see him happy, I too have been cursed for the same reason. I do not care about the past or the mistakes we've made, I do not care if he has nothing, I care only for him. I love him with a love that is true, pure, innocent and eternal. *Magical noise/music...curse/spell is broken.* Ana's King appears and she falls to his feet.

Sadeaky: I was really wrong, he is a very lucky guy and the man with everything.

The King is no longer scared, grabs Ana by the shoulder and raises her to him. Looking into her eyes he opens himself up to loving Ana with a love that is true, pure, innocent and eternal and having decided he is ready to fight all evil and obstacles to be with her, he kisses her breaking the curse/spell . *Magical noise/music...curse/spell is broken.* She becomes his Queen.

The King, Ana the Queen and their children, extended family and friends live happily ever after teaching others what true love means. THE END.
by Goddess12* December 11, 2013
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