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1. Short for Brea Police Department: the famed Police agency which participates in several hundred curfew busts and minor traffic violationsn each year. They are a well suited, over funded police force to keep people from camping out or otherwise loitering until noon.

2. Brea, a city in north orange county suburbia, has no real need for a police department seeing that their claimed "Downtown Brea" covers less than a square mile and its tallest building is three stories tall. To increase its income from petty crime, the city of brea whores out its officers to surrounding cities such as Yorba Linda or Stonehendge. Especially notorious for its numerous speed traps on imperial highway.
1. Mike (intoxicated while urinating on a park bench): Uh oh, here comes the cops, hide me.
Geoff: Don't worry, it's just the Brea PD, the worst they can do is call the OC sheriffs.
Mike: Thank god. (continues urinating)

2. Sergeant Bonggs (confronting minors loitering): Don't let me ever catch you in Brea, Yobra Linda, Stonehendge, or any other of the cities on which our police force has jurisdiction over.
by Captain Morgan, Brea PD November 16, 2006
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