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The most wonderful, artistic, and erotic form of pornography known to man! Someone who has been a "bad" person gets to be "punished" by sticking their nose in someone else's anal crevice and inhaling said persons flatulence. The punisher is hopefully a morbidly obese hairy woman who speaks Portuguese and doubled down on Taco Tuesday.
See also pornography, fetish, art forms.
Door man: "Any plans tonight Master Carl?"
Carl: "Why yes actually Winston my good fellow. I plan on pouring myself a cup of fine chamomile tea, lighting some candles, and masturbating feverishly to the most depraved Brazilian Fart Punishment the internet has to offer."
Door man: "Good show sir! Shall I call a cleanup crew?"
Carl: "That would be splendid Winston! And do ask that they remember the pressure washer this time."
by Cheesy Sack Holder March 14, 2016
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