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Brave Crew is a motorcycle club in Denver Colorado. Founded in late 2017 by its 28 year old club President, Brett Brave. The club is made up of a Band of Brothers whom also share the same love and passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle it comes along with. Sanctioned and approved by a much bigger and well known M.C in Colorado springs, the Brave Crew acts as an umbrella to its many business ventures underneath it, all legally ran by the original members of the Brave crew. But lead and owned by their leader, founder and President Brett Brave. As to date there has been no reason, evidence or link to any incidents that the Brave Crew is anything to fear or cause havoc amongst the general public.
The Brave Crew MC is hosting their own motorcycle enthusiast party promoting the awareness of breast cancer and hosting many guest speakers who have survived or currently battling this disease.
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by Living honest May 08, 2018
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