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1) A guy/girl that is on the phone a says birty things to the girl/guy on the phone
(A brain fucker is a person that fucks through the phone)
2) a guy/girl that messes with peoples minds in a sexy way
1)guy- "hey baby u wanna fuck over the phone?"
Girl- "fuck yea let's do it"
Girl- " wait r u a brain fucker?"
Boy- "what do u thank I'm trying to do now?"
Girl- "oh ok then keep going"
Girl- "hey boy do u want a baby through phone sex?"
Boy-" hell yea go on baby suck my cock"
2) girl- "hey boy what u doin?"
Boy-" just you babe"
Girl- " yea baby"
Boy-" does it feel good girl"
Girl- " yea it sure does babe"
Girl- "oh ugh keep it going ugh ugh yea that's it"
Boy- "do u want to suck now?"
Girl-" sure put it up here"
by Bʏ ʏouяs ţяuʟʏ September 06, 2016
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