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1) A guy/girl that is on the phone a says birty things to the girl/guy on the phone
(A brain fucker is a person that fucks through the phone)
2) a guy/girl that messes with peoples minds in a sexy way
1)guy- "hey baby u wanna fuck over the phone?"
Girl- "fuck yea let's do it"
Girl- " wait r u a brain fucker?"
Boy- "what do u thank I'm trying to do now?"
Girl- "oh ok then keep going"
Girl- "hey boy do u want a baby through phone sex?"
Boy-" hell yea go on baby suck my cock"
2) girl- "hey boy what u doin?"
Boy-" just you babe"
Girl- " yea baby"
Boy-" does it feel good girl"
Girl- " yea it sure does babe"
Girl- "oh ugh keep it going ugh ugh yea that's it"
Boy- "do u want to suck now?"
Girl-" sure put it up here"
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A propagandist. Drawn from the Russian term pronounced (loosely) as "maz-guy-ope", a brain-fucker is one who tries to fool his(her) listeners with: (1) emotional rhetoric that contain few (if any) facts, (2), conspiracy theories and accusations against opponents that are not supported by evidence, (3) arguments that opponents are members of "discredited" groups (i.e. globalists, liberals, racists, etc.)
I don't listen to talk radio. Most off those guys are brain-fuckers.
by Dr Wierdsmith December 14, 2019
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