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Someone with a watermelon-like shaped head. Often relatively tall and stout in nature, and projecting dopey features like small round glasses and sleepy eyes. Typically, likes to project the "lost in society" frat boy image by wearing sports clothing (usually not actually on a sports team though), and typically has an unusual obsession with Duke Basketball or related sports teams. Typically likes to project the "tough guy" attitude but is stereotypically a big mooshy teddy-bear like person. Typically, a Bradsher doesn't get laid until the average age of 27, and even then the woman is extremely large in size with a strong distinctive odor emitted during mating purposes. A Bradsher will find this very appealing as he mounts his mate and rides her like a wild boar. However, Bradshers are very rare and unique individuals, but can make really good friends as they typically are loyal, mostly honest, fun as hell people to be around.

Where to find a Bradsher

1) Playing Call of Duty on the closest XBOX 360
2)Listening to extremely loud rap music (wherever it is played)
3)With his head stuck between random posts, door ways, and windows.
1) That poor guy is lost, lost like a Bradsher.
2) Good Golly Gum bush, that Bradsher sure is ugly.
3) That poor Bradsher, that guy needs some pussy.
4) He's one swell buddy guy, he must be a Bradsher.
5) FUCKFACE!!!!!!!!
6) What's that horrible smell coming from the bathroom upstairs, I don't know, I smelled it when I came in. Aw, that's just Bradsher dropping an epic load in the commode.
by Diego and J'Marcus September 08, 2010
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